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At Generation Kiz the goal is to unleash your inner dancer. One of the beauties of this dance is that we are allowed to express in any way we feel as long as we keep in mind the basic principles. This is exactly what we teach in our classes. 

We focus on a new generation of dancers. Dancers that are able to keep up with all the new styles in this constantly evolving dance. We believe that the best classes are the ones that prepare you for social dancing. We focus on staying up to date with the current generation of dancers to integrate different following and leading styles from around the world to become versatile and adaptive dancers.

Generation not only stands for a different way of teaching, of growing a new community, but also for trying to have a positive influence on the people around us. To create a generation of dancers that radiate respect and authenticity, a generation that dances through life in whatever way or emotion they feel.


To unleash your inner dancer. Everyone is unique in their way of expression and dancing. At Generation Kiz we focus on helping you find your own way of dance while still staying true to the fundamentals of Urban Kiz.


There are many different dancers & styles in the scene. In our classes, we focus on social dancing, therefore, on being able to adjust to different partners, music, and vibes. 

Equality and Respect

We believe in an equal and respectful scene for both followers and leaders. Our aim is to give both roles equal attention during our teaching.


Joey started dancing urban kiz in 2018 and has been dancing nearly every day since that. His style can be described as soft, technical and creative. With a background in hip hop, ballroom and latin dances Joey has a broad knowledge of dance. Combining this knowledge with a background in social psychology and his passion for the dance he will help his students evolve. He travels through Europe almost weekly to expand his knowledge, his dancing and his teaching. He believes that to be able to teach others he also needs to keep training and developing. Equality and respect are very important for him both on and off the dance floor.

Shadia moved to the Netherlands in 2017. Within the first month, she found her love and passion for kizomba which later led to urban kiz. Due to her multiple ethnic/cultural backgrounds, she has been brought up dancing salsa, bachata, and belly dance. Throughout the years, she was able to find joy in incorporating the other dance styles into her urban kiz. Her style is best described as creative, technical, musical, and playful. The goal is to always improve. Therefore, why not improve while having fun?