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Dance Classes

You can find the schedule containing all our classes and times over here.

You can sign up for our classes through our schedule. Once you are signed up, we advise you to download the ‘Bueno Student’ app. In this app, you can sign up for classes, cancel them if you cannot attend, and find all the information about the classes you are signed up for.

For our classes you do not need to bring a partner. We at Generation Kiz will ensure we keep balanced classes with a good ratio of followers and leaders. We regularly switch partners during classes, which will make you a more experienced leader or

Our dance classes are for adults only (16+). 

Dance classes improve both physical and mental health. Dancing is a whole-body workout that is actually fun. It is good for your heart and lungs, it increases endurance and can help with balance and coordination. 

Dance is for everyone. Our experienced teachers will help you improve your dancing, regardless of the level that you start with. Even our teachers did not all start out with talent: through lots and lots of training they got to where they are now.

We believe that following and leading is not gender-specific. At Generation Kiz, everybody is allowed to follow and lead. This means that for our classes you can choose whichever role you prefer

Our dance classes in The Hague take place at RevamB. RevamB is located at Daendelsstraat 57, The Hague.

Next to Revamb, our location in The Hague there is several parking options:

  1. Paid parking in front of the location, max. 2 hours of parking
  2. Free parking at 5 minutes walking distance

It is important that you are free to move during our classes. That’s why we ask you to wear comfortable clothes. No specific types of clothes are needed. You just need to make sure you wear something in which you can move comfortably.

In most styles we teach, we try to keep our feet connected to the floor. That’s why it is important to wear shoes that do not have too much grip during our dance classes. Think of for example sneakers, dancing shoes, and heels.

Dance Styles

Kizomba is a couple dance that finds its origin in Angola. The meaning of the word ‘Kizomba’ is ‘party’. It is a dance with round patterns and a focus on continuous walking and connection. Throughout the years, Kizomba started mixing with different styles of music and dance like Afro, Hip Hop and Latin dances, such as Tango. Out of this mixture, Urban Kiz was born. In Urban Kiz, we are more free to interpret the music in our own ways, using changing tempos in our dancing, our stops, and our body movements.

At Generation Kiz we teach Urban Kizomba. This dance style finds its roots in Kizomba, but also influences other dance styles such as Tango and Hip-hop. However, we do implement the fundamentals of Kizomba as a base for our dancing. Besides Urban Kiz, we teach Tarraxo and Douceur, both dance styles that reside in the same scene. 

Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata are all social dances in which it is common to switch partners during dancing. The difference lies in everything else, from different music and different ways of interpreting the music, to different techniques and different ways of connecting with your
partner. One of the main differences we find on the social dance floor is how long, on average, we dance with a single partner. Where in Salsa and Bachata we switch faster, in Urban Kiz that is not the case; we (mostly) aim for a longer-lasting connection.

Group and business workshops

The results of our business workshops differs based on the kind of workshop you choose.

A workshop just for fun will give your team an engaging and relaxing activity. Its effects are seen in bonding, energising and team building. 

Our customised business workshops can result in increased trust and respect, corporate bonding, team building, increased communication and unique team development activities.

During our workshops how many followers / leaders you have is not important. We will adjust the workshop based on each group.

We can tailor workshops to any amount of people. If the amount of people you are willing to have a workshop with differs from the standard prices, please contact us to receive a personalised offer.

We offer workshops in any location. However, when the workshop is held outside of our studio, it is the client’s responsibility to provide a suitable location. Please note, if we have to travel to a location outside of The Hague, both travel costs and travel time will be added to the total price for the workshop.


One of the options we have for weekly classes is to have a monthly subscription. However, if you want more flexibility, you can choose one of our other options, such as a 4-class or 8- class punch card, or single classes. Look here for more information on pricing options.

Payment will be through our online system Bueno. Bueno provides the option to pay with Ideal. If this is not a suitable option for you, please contact us for other possibilities.