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Welcome to Generation Kiz, your safe place to learn, grow and express yourself through dance.

What is Generation Kiz?

Welcome to Generation Kiz, your gateway to the world of Kizomba-inspired dance. Our main focus lies on creating a safe space for everyone to enjoy and develop themselves in, using dance and psychology as our main tools. We offer this unique blend of specialties in a diverse range of dance classes and workshops suitable for individuals, groups, and businesses alike. 

Generation Kiz is a team of passionate dancers, teachers and coaches. We believe that dance is a way of expression that can be used to grow as an individual or as a team. One of the beautiful similarities in the dance styles that we offer, is that we are allowed to express ourselves in any way we want and feel, as long as we keep the basic principles in mind. Doing so is exactly what we teach in our classes, but also what makes these dance styles the perfect tool for the development of ourselves, our team and our businesses.

Our Values



Equality & Respect

Explore your Style

Weekly Dance Classes

At Generation Kiz we have classes in different styles, all of which are contained under the Kizomba umbrella. The styles that we offer are: 

  • Urban Kizomba 
  • Tarraxo
  • Douceur 
  • Body Movements
  • Kiz ‘n Heels 

The focus of our classes is to make you a better social dancer and to find your own unique style. You will not just learn combinations of steps or moves, but will from the very beginning learn to focus on expression through connection, technique, moves and musicality. Join us at one of our dance classes, right here in The Hague. 

Business Workshops

Elevate your team’s dynamics with our specialised dance workshops. Our business workshops can be just for fun or can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to focus on team building, communication, trust-building, or safety, our workshops, guided by our Social & Organizational Psychologist and dance experts, provide a perfect blend of creativity and enjoyment. For most people, dance, especially Kizomba, is something new, an activity that they have never done before.

Take the workshop beyond entertainment, and let us create a plan tailored specifically for your team or business. With our combination of dance and social psychology, we’ll make sure this workshop offers all the tools needed for your team to grow and develop.

Private Classes

In private classes you will receive 100% focus on your growth and needs. Through personalized feedback we will help you take the next step in your dancing journey, regardless of your level. You can book a private class with one (or multiple) of our teachers.

If you are really serious about your growth, private classes are the way to go!

We offer private classes in the following styles and subjects:

  • Urban Kizomba
  • Tarraxo
  • Douceur
  • Body Movements
  • Dancing in Heels

Truly hone your skills with our private dance classes here in The Hague. 

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