Team building Workshops

Dancing is better together and a great way to build trust.
Get to know each other and just have fun!

Kizomba Workshops for Your Team

Our business workshops are designed to bring your team together through the power of dance. Whether it’s just for fun or tailored to your specific needs, our workshops are curated in collaboration with our Social & Organizational Psychologist and a team of passionate dancers and teachers.

If you want to boost creativity and innovation within your team, take them dancing. For most people, dance, especially Kizomba, is novel and exciting. It allows people to step outside of their comfort zone. To dance with your team is to offer them a team-building activity full of creativity and fun. 

If just fun is not enough, we also offer the possibility of creating a workshop plan tailored  specifically to your team or business. During the workshop we can focus on topics like teambuilding, communication, trust or safety. We use a combination of dance and social psychology to foster corporate bonding and to make your team gain all the tools needed for the team to grow and develop.




Pricing & Packages


Dance workshop for fun
  • 10 - 15 people *
  • 60 minutes
  • Daendelsstraat 57, The Hague


Specially tailored workshop
where we combine dance and psychology
Price on request
  • Focused on your team goals
  • Free introduction meeting
  • The Hague, or on location


Complete program for employee vitality
Price on request
  • Long-term vitality plan for your company
  • Improve sickness and absence rates
  • Healthier and happier employees